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On this page the make up of the MSU Tennis Team's 100th season is being described in detail.

Regular SeasonEdit

The Michigan State Tennis Team starts the regular season at the start of the Spring Semester. In the first half of the regular season, the team will compete in non-conference play. Usually the team is schedule against the toughest team in the nation. This year the team has faced opponents such as Kentucky, Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech. The Spartans own a current non-conference record of 6-6.

The second half of the season is all about BIG Ten play; Every team in the Big Ten is been played once. The BIG Ten is historically one of the strongest Conferences in the Nation. Currently 10 out of 12 teams are ranked with Ohio State leading the way with a 5th rank in the Nation. The Spartans currently own a 5-4 Big Ten Record. for more information on how the team is performing you can visit the Spartan Tennis website.

Big Ten Tournament & NCAA'sEdit

Tennis M DI 2013

NCAA Tournament 2013

After concluding the regular Big Ten Season. The Team will compete in the Big Ten Tournament that is held at Ohio State this year. Similar to basketball, the first four seeds own a bye, and the other seeds will compete for spots in the quarterfinals. Currently it looks like the Spartans will lock up the 5th seed going into Conference play.

The NCAA bid works simular to basketball as well. 64 teams will compete for the National Championschip. The Spartans has never made it to the Tournament before this season. However, this season the Spartans can rely on a strong bid and the odds are looking favorable to lock down the first NCAA birth in hundred years of MSU tennis.

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